PEACE Program

The PEACE Program for Children Experiencing Violence

The Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counselling and Empowerment (PEACE) Program is a free, confidential program for children and youth aged 3 to 18 who have experienced violence. The program is offered in either group or individual counselling sessions at Desert Sun.

Our goal is to help children navigate trauma and learn new coping skills. Effective, timely counselling can help children feel safe, restore their confidence, and change their attitudes and behaviours in ways that help them succeed better socially and academically.

Domestic violence occurs in over 500,000 Canadian homes. Children are present during 80% of spousal assaults. 25% of spousal assaults include the children being hurt or threatened. Violent behaviour is learned. About half of all men who assault have witnessed assault themselves.

The PEACE Program breaks the cycle of violence by helping children: 

  • Learn to express their feelings in healthy ways, 

  • Understand that they are not responsible for violence in their family, 

  • Develop a safety plan, 

  • Identify supports, 

  • Identify cycles of violence, 

  • Recognize their strengths, 

  • Increase their self-confidence, and 

  • Learn about healthy relationships. 

There is no cost for children to participate in this program. Children may be referred by the parent/caregiver/teacher. 

Resources for this program

BC 211

211 connects you to programs and services in your area

BC Legal Aid