Women’s Counselling

Desert Sun Counselling provides individual and group counselling to women over the age of nineteen who have experienced childhood abuse, abuse in adult relationships, and/or sexualized violence.

The goal of our program is to support and empower women who are currently being or have in the past been abused.

Our program supports women who have experienced, from a partner or other individual, attempts to control their behaviour through intimidation, threats, physical force or fear. Abuse may include:

  • Emotional Abuse:
    • name-calling, belittling, put-downs, cheating, lying, mind games, throwing away/destroying possessions, threatening a person with a weapon, devaluing a person’s opinion, ridiculing a person’s family and friends, forcing a person to do degrading things, isolating from family and friends, controlling all of the person’s activities, threatening to kill oneself if left by the partner.
  • Physical Abuse:
    • any kind of hitting, shaking burning, pinching, biting choking, throwing, whipping, paddling, beating and any other action that can cause physical injury, leave marks or produce significant pain.
  • Sexual Abuse:
    • Any type of unwanted sexual contact between two people. It also includes jokes, leering, sexual accusations, distasteful or painful sexual acts, flaunting affairs, treating someone as a sex object, denying pleasure to control or manipulate, using pornographic material that makes a person uncomfortable.
  • Financial Abuse
    • Depriving someone of money, making a person account for every penny, denying access to cash, stealing money, not allowing a person access to financial records, not allowing enough money for needs, coercing a person into co-signing loans, lying about money, making a person beg for money.

For more information

Email: STVoliver2@desertsun.ca