Parenting Skills at O.C.C.

Desert Sun facilitators regularly deliver a Parenting Skills Program to Inmates at the Okanagan Correctional Centre. The goal of the program is to stop the cycle of family violence and incarceration that impacts many of the OCC inmates. The program helps inmates explore how the trauma they experienced in childhood may have influenced the way they parent and helps them learn different, healthier ways to parent.

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Call 498 2538. 

Program Coordinators


I love being part of this organization! I have a huge heart for community and even before I worked here I always supported Desert Sun. For me, working with the people at Desert Sun has been completely fulfilling. Whether it's clients or our own team. Our team is filled with difference-makers in our community that collectively want to make a big difference in helping people.

Marieze Tarr

I think my work at Desert Sun encompasses everything I love, helping people, research, science, working with people and governance. I have a passion for children and youth and mental health and this position affords me the opportunity to be creative and find ways to help people who are facing challenges in their lives at any given moment. I do not do this by myself, we have a very talented and passionate staff and everything that we accomplish at Desert Sun we accomplish as a team.

Resources for this program

BC Legal Aid
BC Nurses Line

811- is a free of charge provincial health information and advice phone line available in BC.