Fee for Service Counselling


Desert Sun is pleased to announce the expansion of our services to include Fee for Service Counselling sessions.  We are currently providing FREE counselling sessions under our Ministry of Justice contract to women, children, and men who have experienced abuse, violence or assault.  Our new offering aims to cater to individuals seeking support outside of our current scope.  The Fee for Service Counselling sessions will be open to anyone requiring counselling services.

Free services provided under our Ministry of Justice Contract (under mandate):

Currently our free counselling services provide support for women, children and men who have experienced traumatic situations.  Women and children fleeing abuse, survivors of sexual assault, and those who have endured violence or childhood abuse can access this program.  Additionally, children aged 3-18 who have been exposed to intense family conflict or emotional turmoil can also benefit from our PEACE (Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counselling and Empowerment) Program.  Men in unhealthy relationships or those who have experienced sexual assault, childhood abuse, or violence in relationships can also access this program.  All mandated counselling has a limited amount of sessions to be offered. 

Fee For Service Counselling:

The Fee for Service Counselling sessions are specifically designed to assist individuals who do not fall within the mandate of our current free counselling program.  These sessions are suitable for individuals suffering from a range of issues, including grief, anxiety, depression, and the need for developing resilience and coping skills etc.  Clients seeking a more comprehensive approach to their mental health and well-being can greatly benefit from these fee-based counselling sessions.

Process and Costs:

To ensure a seamless experience, we encourage all individuals interested in Fee for Service Counselling to make bookings through our website.  Upon visiting the website, clients can review the biographies of our professional counsellors and choose one that aligns with their needs and preferences. Be mindful of designations allotted by your extended benefits if that's important to you.  We understand the significance of establishing a trusting relationship between the counsellor and the client.  Some do offer a free introductory consultation call with the chosen counsellor.

Following the consultation call, one-hour counselling sessions will be available at a rate of $125.  These sessions will provide individuals with the opportunity to receive ongoing support and guidance tailored to their specific concerns.  Our team of skilled private counsellors are equipped to address a wide range or issues, and clients can rest assured knowing they will receive personalized care and assistance throughout their sessions.


At Desert Sun, we are committed to supporting the mental health and well-being of individuals in our community. The expansion of our services to include Fee for Service Counselling sessions fills an important gap for individuals who require support that falls outside the parameters of our existing free counselling program.  By offering a free consultation call and a range of skilled counsellors, we strive to provide accessible and effective care to all those seeking our services.  We invite individuals and couples alike to visit our website and take the first step towards their journey of healing and growth.